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How To Move Website cPanel to cPanel


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In this tutorial, we will know how to move the cPanel website to cPanel.

Step 1 . login cPanel -> file manager -> select all file under public_html

As Like this screenshot


Step:  2 Make a Zip file

Make Zip file for download

Now You can download

Now You need to download MySQL database backup.

Step 3: cPanel -> backup -> MySQL backup download

take a look at the screenshot

Download mysql Backup

Now you need to log in to New cPanel -> and go to file manager -> under public_html -> and unzip and upload this zip file that you just downloaded.

Upload  zip file to cPanel

Upload zip file to cPanel


Now Need to create a new database on a new cPanel account

cPanel ->MySQL® Databases  -> add database as like screenshots

Create Database in cPanel

Create a Database in cPanel


Create the User name of the database. In most cases, we set as same name for the database and user. But you can set any name of the database user name.

Add a User name for the database


add user to database

add a user to the database 

Set PRIVILEGES as you want


Go to cPanel -> PHP my admin and select database and import SQL file as you download from OLD cPanel


Final Step.  Go to file manager and find the database connection page to connect PHP and MySQL databases. for WordPress ( public_html->wpconfig .php )  and use the same username and password that you created on MySQL manager


for other applications, you need to contact the developer.

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